O2 mobile contract bills to rise 3%, and there's nowt you can do about it

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o2_logo_3.jpgMobile network O2 will be upping the price of all of its monthly contract costs, adding 3.2% to monthly bills from next February, regardless of the price of the contract you originally signed up for.

While users on PAYG plans won’t be affected, anyone who whose contract includes a monthly line rental fee (basically everyone else signed up to O2) will incur the additional charge.

“To date, we’ve held off putting our tariff prices up for as long as possible. Even when our competitors raised theirs,” reads O2’s reasoning on its price change webpage.

“But now, because of inflation, we need to change the price of your tariff. From 28 February 2013, your line rental will go up by 3.2%. That’s in line with the current rate of inflation as at December 2012 when we made the announcement.”

Those looking to argue the price hike will be directed to O2’s contract small print, which covers the network’s back in the event of such a rise. O2 have handily reprinted that specific part of all their monthly contracts on the price change page. You can view a screengrab of the part in question below:o2-prices-rise.jpg
There’s even a contract price increase checker on the site, taking all the fun out of figuring out how much more money you’ll need to cough up each month.

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