Nokia squash persistent Android phone rumour once again

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nokia_here.jpgNokia have once again had to ask eager smartphone fans to take a chill pill, after the internet once again excitedly began to speculate that the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer was about to dive into making Android hardware.

This week’s rumour was sparked by a job listing at Nokia “Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware”, which Nokia soon made a private listing. Cue conspiracy theorists claiming a Nokia-built Android phone was on the way, despite their high-profile partnership with Microsoft and its Windows Phone OS.

Nokia rolled out Doug Dawson, head of Nokia’s media relations, to post a clarifying, dismissive email that stated the role was required merely in order to fulfill the multi-platform needs of Nokia’s recent HERE Maps app:

‘Hi. Our recently posted job is linked to our HERE Maps support for other platforms, including iOS and Android. Nothing more.’

Move along people, nothing to see here.

Gerald Lynch
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