Full Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer released, hits warp speed

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We’ve had the starter teaser, and now here’s the main course. Well, if you can ever consider any movie trailer the main course, the full trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness is surely it.

The sequel to J J Abrams 2009 reboot of the franchise, it stars Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, Zarchary Quinto as Spock and our very own Benedict Cumberbatch as the baddie.

Who exactly that bad guy is we’re not yet sure, but eagle-eyed Trekkies suggest that, rather than being Star Trek arch-villain Khan, Sherlock’s latest role is as Gary Mitchell, a telekinetic Star Fleet Academy member gone AWOL.

Hit the trailer above and see if you can figure out whose shoes Benny’s filling in the movie.

Gerald Lynch
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