Xbox 720 set for summer 2013 launch, release date Winter 2013?

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Xbox-720-top-banner.pngMicrosoft’s next games console, AKA the Xbox 720, will be in stores ready in time for Christmas 2013 say Bloomberg sources “familiar with the company’s plans”.

Seemingly confirming what many have long expected, Microsoft will reveal the next-generation games console at some point during the summer; either at the annual E3 games conference in Los Angeles, or (more likely in our opinion) at their own glitzy launch bash.

The dates certainly line up; we’re well overdue a new console from the Microsoft team, and a summer reveal would give ample time to build up hype in time for a mad Christmas rush to buy the console.

Looking at Microsoft’s previous console launch track record, it was way back in May 2005 that we first got a glimpse of the Xbox 360, which made a fairly unconventional debut through an MTV TV spot.

By comparison, the recent Wii U launch (hitting the UK high street today) came a year and a half after Nintendo first showed a prototype version of the console, followed by an official, final-build launch this summer.

Gerald Lynch
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