Xbox 360 Smartglass app hits iPhone, iPad

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ios-smartglass.jpgThe Xbox 360’s second-screen Smartglass functionality is now available for iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Letting you control your gaming console using the devices’ touchscreens, it lets you easily type and navigate the new Xbox 360 Internet Explorer app, offers new features to a (currently small) number of titles and throws up great supplementary information based on what you’re watching or doing on your main screen.

Rather than being a brand new app however, it’s confusingly a manual update to the Xbox Live app, previously available on iTunes. Also, the app hasn’t yet been optimised for the iPhone 5, so you’re going to get black bars at the edges of the screen, possibly to encourage you to try out the Windows Phone version instead.

The free app is available now from iTunes.

Gerald Lynch
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