TomTom announces update to Speed Cameras iPhone app

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TomTom speed camera app.jpgIf, like me, you’ve been caught twice doing a few miles over the speed limit in the space of three months (thanks Suffolk Police), you’ll be pleased to hear that TomTom has just released an update to its Speed Cameras app for iPhone.

Giving drivers a free 12-month subscription to the Speed Camera service, the app includes several new features including audible and visual speed camera alerts when the app is running in the background or the screen is off. Average speed check support has also been improved, helping drivers to stay below the limit, even when exiting a tunnel.

The Speed Cameras app for iPhone warns drivers of upcoming fixed and mobile cameras, helping them to stay safe and avoid fines. It informs drivers of their speed, the speed limit, the type of camera ahead and the remaining distance to reach it. With the latest version of the app, both new and existing customers will receive 12 months of the Speed Cameras service for free. Existing customers will get an extra, free year of the service when their active subscription expires.

The latest version of the app also gives drivers the option to receive warnings for mobile camera hotspots. The update also allows drivers to stream audio alerts to the TomTom Hands-free car kit, or other A2DP Bluetooth compatible devices, to amplify the sound.

Camera data is collected anonymously from 1.6 million drivers in 15 countries which, Tom Tom claims, gives drivers 95% coverage of fixed camera locations and real-time updates for mobile speed cameras.

Current users of the app with an active subscription can upgrade to version 1.1 via the App Store.

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