Snowglo: Gamifying crowd-sourced review websites

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Looking for a social network, game and reviews site rolled into one? Probably not, but newly launched site Snowglo makes a good claim as to why you should be.

Snowglo requires you to create a profile, and then lets you collect friends, follow others and most importantly review things, like a film, a product or just about anything else, turning the experience into a social game (and helping to boost the site’s user-generated content in the process). At the moment games, films and tech products are proving to be the most popular.

You can browse through reviews and if you find someone who writes about things you like in a way you like then you can follow them and gather followers yourself by writing awesome stuff. Other followers give you kudos for your content and you can earn badges, awards and eventually real money (if you’re also an Amazon affiliate) the more you write. Of course adding in gaming features isn’t really new or surprising, but it’s an added incentive for people to leave more reviews of a better quality.

Though it’s being billed that way, we’re not sure whether Snowglo should really be described as a social network. It’s admittedly a pretty subjective term, but though you’re interacting with other people online, Snowglo as it stands seems much more of a review platform than anything else.

We’re not sure Snowglo will take off given there are so many similar offerings and places people turn to for reviews already, like Amazon, but it’s an interesting concept and the inclusion of game mechanics, the light hearted tone and easy-to-use features may certainly pull in a jolly reviewing crowd.

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