Ray of hope for Blackberry and Nokia as report says UK iPhone owners might switch brands

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A new UK poll from Harris Interactive suggests that Apple’s position as the king of cool gadgets might be under threat as young consumers and early adopters take another look at other brands.

And while it remains the dominant player in the tablet PC market there is clear evidence that its position in the smartphone market could be under serious threat next year.

The report suggests that the next generation iPhone is the most anticipated smartphone release (it was carried out prior to the announcement of the iPhone 5), but its lead over Samsung is down to just 5%.

And, most interesting of all, 25% of current iPhone users are anticipating the release of other smartphones more. And the list of the devices they are looking at includes new phones from Blackberry and Nokia – companies who once dominated the market but have hit hard times lately. Could it be that consumers are missing their old brands? It should be noted though that the research was completed a few weeks after Nokia announced its new Lumia 920 to the world.

There’s more about the report here.

What do you think? Have recent Nokia, Blackberry and Samsung phones caught your eye?

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