iTunes 11 to land today after a month's worth of delays

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itunes11.jpgApple’s next-generation iTunes application is set to land today, following a month’s worth of delays that saw the media library tool slip from its original October launch date.

According to the Wall Street Journal, iTunes 11 has come late due to many parts of its coding needing to be rewritten. To be honest, that’s no bad thing; in its current state, iTunes is a bit of a mess, a resource hungry beast of an app that’s as difficult to browse as it is slow to load. That includes when its running on a Mac, where it comes as a native, pre-installed application. It’s absolutely torturous on a PC.

Considering its pretty much the only way to interface with an iPad, iPhone or iPod, it’s an important tool in Apple’s software arsenal. Lets hope this edition gets things right.

Via: WSJ / 9to5Mac

Gerald Lynch
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