Is mobile now the number one way we get the news? It is for Guardian readers

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Some fairly seismic news from The Guardian this morning. Anthony Sullivan, group product manager for Guardian Core products at Guardian News & Media who was speaking at the Guardian Mobile Business Summit 2012 conference in London, revealed the website’s latest usage figures and they make fascinating reading.

Sullivan reported that at certain times of day more people are accessing the website via mobile devices (phones/iPads/tablets) than they are via traditional computers. Sullivan suggested that the tipping point when mobile overtakes desktops is still around two years away.

“Mobile is having a huge transformational effect not only on how our audience seek out content, but how they’re discovering it. The way we’ve organised ourselves reflects that we put mobile really at the centre of our planning,” said Sullivan.

Interestingly Sullivan said that 94% of tablet visits to Guardian products are on Apple’s iPad, but that he expects this to change “pretty quickly” in the months ahead, thanks to the release of new, high-profile Android and Windows 8 tablets.

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