HTC Facebook Phone codenamed HTC Opera UL on the way?

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The rumours of a Facebook phone once again rear their heads, with news again coming in that HTC may be making a phone for the social networking giants.

A Taiwanese source for Pocket-Lint has revealed the HTC Opera UL, billed as an “OEM Product” for Zuckerberg’s empire.

The source states that the phone has already been delayed (interesting considering it had never even been revealed), the source revealed NenaMark2 benchmarking tests, suggesting the handset will run off a 1.4GHz processor, likely source also revealed that the graphics processor would be a Qualcomm Adreno 305, with the display hitting a HD resolution of 1280×720. Running Android 4.1.1, it’d look like a mid-to-top-tier offering from Facebook and HTC.

It’s not the first time HTC and Facebook have teamed up. Back in 2011 the two came together for the HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha Android handsets (pictured above), though the sum of the partnership only ended up being two phones with hardware buttons dedicated to firing up the Facebook app.

Via: Pocket-Lint

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