Google-branded Chrome OS laptop coming 2013?

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chrome-os-laptop.jpgGoogle has dipped its toes into the laptop hardware market with its Chromebook range, an intriguing line of low powered, cheapish portable computers that require a constant internet connection to get the most out of them. But a new report suggests that Google may be making further inroads into the mobile computing space with a fully-fledged laptop running their Chrome operating system.

Designed as genuine competitors to Windows 8 and MacBook machines according to the China Times source, the new computers are said to be currently in the manufacturing stages at Compal Electronics and Wintek.

The Chrome-powered computers could be landing very soon too, with initial shipments said to have already started with an aim to launch the machines in the first quarter of 2013.

Google have increasingly been delving into the world of hardware, partnering with manufacturers like Asus, Acer, Samsung and LG on their Nexus and Chromebook products, not to mention their high-profile acquisition of Motorola. But dealing directly with suppliers will be a largely new move for the company. It’ll be interesting to see what fruits are borne from this rumoured new endeavor, particularly as it comes during a period of tentative transition for the usually-stable Windows-based laptop market.

Via: The Next Web

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