Bloke uses Kickstarter to send mini Tardis into space to raise money for kids with cancer


Tardis in space.jpg
Ok, so it has been a slow news day, but this makes it all worth while. A barking mad bloke from Stourbridge is hoping to raise money for children’s cancer charity Clic Sargent by sending a mini Tardis into space. He has already raised the money to fund the project using Kickstarter which paid for the weather balloon and the helium gas.

He has done it before too. On August 9th the original Tardis was launched from the Shropshire Hills. It travelled to a height in excess of 30,000 meters, touching ‘The Edge of Space’, before falling back to earth.

And you can see the footage below.

Now the intrepid team are hoping to send the Tardis up for a second time. This time if you donate £2.50 (or more) you can send a ‘tweet’ to The Edge of Space along with our Tardis.

Anyhow watch the video, check out the guy’s Just Giving page and give all you can.

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