Apple's 2012 iMac gets teardown, displays economic use of space

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apple-imac-teardown.jpgApple’s super-slim new iMac computers have only just gone on sale, but that hasn’t stopped a gang of early owners tearing the all-in-one desktop machine apart in order to get a closer look at its innards.

Japanese bloggers at Kodawarsian documented the whole event, revealing an unusually shaped logic board featuring a cut out section rather than the traditional rectangle shape in order to fit inside the new svelte chassis.

Economic use of the computers small space for components see much of the hardware tucked inside plastic compartments in order to keep them separate from the screen. The 21.5 inch model taken apart has very little spare space with which to play with in order to squeeze in its top-tier hardware. It’s an engineering marvel to say the least.

Click here for more shots from the teardown, and a rough Google translation of the findings.


Gerald Lynch
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