Sharp begin mass production of 5-inch 1080p smartphone displays

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sharp logo 2a.jpgSharp have begun “full-scale” production of a new 5-inch, 1080p display for smartphones that boasts a remarkable pixel density of 443ppi. That trumps even the lush 336ppi Retina display found in the iPhone 5. Kicking off preliminary production last month, the company will be churning out the displays from October onwards.

A “new pixel” design is employed by the screen which, though not yet technically detailed, is said to allow for pixel densities 1.3x more than even Sharp’s own 4.3-inch iPhone displays.

Though rumours of a 1080p HTC smartphone persist, so far only the Oppo Find 5 has offered a screen with a similar resolution.

Sharp are facing tough times at the moment, suffering big losses and being forced into significant job cuts, but the new display technology, paired with their latest iPhone 5 display contract, offers a modest glimmer of hope for the once-mighty AV giant.

Gerald Lynch
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