Samsung and LG phones going 1080p in 2013

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HTC-J-Butterfly.jpgSamsung and LG are lining up a raft of smartphones for 2013, each packing 1080p displays.

According to Korean news site MK news, the two tech giants are looking to get their full HD smartphones onto the market before the first half of next year draws to a close.

LG have already showed off a 5-inch 1080p mobile display, giving them a Retina Display-beating 440ppi screen. Apple’s hi-res display maxes out at 326ppi in the iPhone 5. Likewise, Samsung are said to be working on a smartphone display with 400ppi, though depending on the screen size that would call into question the validity of the 1080p claims.

Either way, LG’s and Samsung’s wares will not be the first 1080p mobile phones on the scene. We’ve already seen the 1080p Oppo Find 5, launching in China soon. Though that’s unlikely to get a European release date, HTC’s rumoured HTC DLX (if it exists) almost certainly would get a release, and it too is said to be a 1080p handset.

The HTC DLX is said to be running Android Jelly Bean, and with the mobile manufacturers having already announced the 1080p HTC J Butterfly for Japan, HTC may well have the means to get their 1080p smartphone to UK markets first.

Via: MK News

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