Pogoplug offering 100GB of cloud storage to UK users for just £19.99 a year

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pogoplug-cloud.pngRemember Pogoplug, the company who built pink personal “cloud engines” that offered networked storage inside your house, accessible from anywhere around the world? Stateside, Pogoplug have been building a more familiar cloud storage solution, and they’ve now announced that they’re brining that service to the UK too.

Using Amazon’s Glacier cloud network, for just £19.99 a year Pogoplug are offering 100GB of storage for photos, documents and multimedia files, accessible from a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop machine anywhere there is an internet connection available.

An extra layer of security is offered through the Pogoplug Cloud Accelerator, which hooks up to your router and pushes your locally backed up content to Pogoplug’s owncloud storage space.

“Amazon is revolutionising cloud storage with Glacier. Our new offering provides the missing link by eliminating the slow retrieval time intrinsic to Glacier and making all content instantly accessible,” said Daniel Putterman, CEO of Pogoplug.

“By keeping data synchronised between Amazon Glacier and a Pogoplug cloud accelerator in the home or office, we are offering unprecedented pricing for safe, fast cloud storage.”

Pogoplug also offer 300GB and 1TB packages for those with more demanding cloud storage needs.

It’s a very competitive offering from Pogoplug, no doubt helped by using Amazon’s infrastructure. Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox and Apple iCloud will have to dig deep to match Pogoplug’s aggressive pricing and capacity options.

Gerald Lynch
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