New Wii U Pro Controller tips its hat to the SNES

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Wii-U-SNES-Controller.jpgLooking to give your brand-spanking new Wii U a retro makeover when it launches next month? Then look no further than this 16-bit era inspired Wii U Pro Controller.

Listed as the “SNES Version” of the Pro Controller, it looks more or less the same as the standard Pro pad, expcept that it looks as though a classic SNES (or Super Nintendo, to those in the UK) controller has been embedded below the analogue sticks.

However, it’s not an official periperhal, instead being a third party pad listed on the Australian EB Games site.

While the build quality can’t be vouched for yet, the pricing certainly can at AUD$48.00, it’s roughly USD$30 less than the official Nintendo-built pad.

Nintendo recently revealed pricing and release date information for the Wii U console. Hitting UK stores on November 30th, the Premium Edition of the tablet controller packing console costs £299, while the Basic Edition costs £250.

Differences between the two versions mainly concern storage space. The Basic version will launch with 8GB of storage. The premium version has 32GB of storage, and will also come with a GamePad, HDMI cable, a charging cradle for the tablet controller, and a stand for the console itself. The Basic set comes in white, while the Premium set comes in black.

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