Lucasarts to focus on social and mobile Star Wars gaming, not consoles, following Disney buyout

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super-empire-strikes-back.jpgWith Lucasfilm having fingers in all sorts of pies, more news is now trickling in concerning the companies other arms following the $4.05 billion buyout by Disney. We already know that we’re getting a new Star Wars film in 2015, but what of Lucasarts, the companies gaming division responsible for classics like Super Star Wars and the Monkey Island series?

Following the purchase, Lucasarts will move away from producing console games, and will instead focus on making mobile and social games. Games for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, PC and expected Xbox 720 and PS4 consoles bearing the Star Wars name will be licensed out to other developers and publishers.

It’s an unsurprising move considering Disney’s great successes in mobile game publishing, with both Where’s My Water? and licensed stablemate Where’s My Perry? each proving big money spinners.

As for forthcoming Lucasarts Star Wars titles already in development, such as Star Wars 1313, they should remain unaffected.

What’s more interesting though is the almost-inevitable bidding war that’ll surround the game adaptation of Star Wars: Episode VII for consoles. Expect big bucks to change hands in order to acquire that property.

Gerald Lynch
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