iPhone 5 now in Samsung's patent-feud sights

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iPhone-5-vs-galaxy-s3-camera.jpgSamsung and Apple’s court-based patent saga continues today, with Samsung announcing that the iPhone 5 will now join the growing list of devices they believe impinge upon their patents.

The iPhone 5 is in eight of Samsung’s complaints, six relating to utilities, and two more relating to the UMTS 3G standard.

Filing the claim back on September 18th after giving the iPhone 5 a thorough tear-down, the news is hardly surprising; Samsung already have the rest of the iPhone line-up in its sights, and with the iPhone 5 recycling much of the technology previously used in earlier models, a retaliation from Samsung on similar grounds as before was inevitable.

“The iPhone 5 has the same accused functionality as the previously accused versions of the iPhone, so the proof of infringement of the patents-in-suit by the iPhone 5 is the same as for other Apple devices already accused of infringement in this litigation,” said Samsung.

“We have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our innovations and intellectual property rights.”

July and August of 2013 will see the two tech titans battle it out over this particular argument.


Gerald Lynch
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