iPad Mini battery "three times larger than iPhone 5"

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ipad-mini-battery-spy.jpgWe’ve still yet to get official confirmation that the device even exists from Apple yet, but the iPad Mini leaks are now coming thick and fast. Latest to get the blurry-cam spy-shot treatment is the iPad Mini battery compartment.

An anonymous source has sent MacRumors a shot a Li-on battery, featuring a model number of A1445 and an Apple part number of 616-0641. With a 4,490mAh capacity, it’s roughly 3 times bigger than the 1,440mAh battery found in the iPhone 5. That’s not to say you’ll get three times the battery life from the iPad Mini (there’s a larger screen that’ll likely eat more power for starters, as well as potentially numerous other details that could play a part in differing power draws), but it certainly puts the battery life on a par with what we expect to be similarly sized tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7. They sport 4,400mAh and 4,325mAh batteries respectively.

While there’s no guarantee that the leak is legit, or even a finalised component (it’s likely a prototype battery build), MacRumors certainly seem to think that the size would be a good fit for a 7.85-inch tablet.

Current rumours put the iPad Mini down for an October 23 unveiling, with pricing hovering around the £200 mark.

Via: MacRumors

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