Business IP Telephony: Is It Right For Me?

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Businesses are always looking for ways to adapt their organisations in a way that integrates new and developing technologies into their business plans.
Due to the demands of fast paced and volatile markets, businesses need to be ready and prepared for any eventuality. The main means of ensuring this is through the development of a well-designed and comprehensive system that utilises the newest and most useful technologies.
One such technology is IP telephony, which is now being used by a huge number of businesses as an efficient replacement for traditional communication systems.Here we take a look at exactly what IP telephony is and what it can do for you and your business.

What Is IP Telephony?
IP telephony is essentially a means of communicating over a network system. By converting your conversations into packets of data and transporting them across LAN or internet connections, users are able to talk in real time more efficiently than over the phone. IP telephony, also often referred to as VOIP (Voice Over IP) fulfills one need in particular, replacing the use of traditional phones and phone networks, with an internet based system. IP Telephony works as an outbound service for making calls and works in conjunction with non geos like 0845 numbers which you may already have in place to handle your incoming calls.

While the quality of voice communications was historically poor, in recent years these technological hurdles have been overcome and the quality of communications are now incredibly high. IP telephony proves to be a brilliantly inexpensive option for businesses, largely due to lower installation fees and reduced monthly rental charges. Now that high levels of bandwidth are no longer required to transmit voice communications, the implementation and use of IP telephony is incredibly beneficial. Though the exact savings will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding your business, savings can be made by moving away from traditional forms of communication.
Businesses can also benefit from the increased mobility allowed with the use of IP telephony. Thanks to the increasing amount of smartphones and mobile devices being used, IP telephony services can be accessed from almost anywhere at any time, giving your employees a greater amount of freedom and independence. Using IP telephony also gears your business towards those technologies which may emerge in the future, ensuring that you’re not left behind in the coming years.

Is It Right For You?
IP telephony is now considered a hugely important part of most businesses and is an integral part of business communication, through call centre staff, homeworkers and mobile workers. IP telephony is right for nearly all businesses especially those with multiple sites. When combined with easy to set up 0845 numbers, your inbound and outbound telecoms are likely to be in good shape as a business for years to come.

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