Dragon Age 3: Inquisition revealed – casting spells late 2013 on PS4, Xbox 720?

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dragon-age-3-header.jpgBioWare have officially announced Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, set for release in late 2013.

In development for the past two years at BioWare Edmonton and BioWare Montreal, it’s the third hack-and-slash entry into the eight-million selling dungeons and dragons role-playing series.

According to the announcement, Inquisition will offer “the storytelling legacy BioWare is known for, with deep RPG gameplay, all on a brand new RPG game engine underpinned by EA’s critically-acclaimed Frostbite 2 technology”.

BioWare Edmonton general manager Aaryn Flynn said: “We’ve been poring over player feedback from past games and connecting directly with our fans. They haven’t held back, so we’re not either.

“With Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, we want to give fans what they’re asking for – a great story with choices that matter, a massive world to explore, deep customization and combat that is both tactical and visceral.

“At the same time, we know we need new technology to truly make this vision become fully realized. And we’ve been working with DICE to make Frostbite 2 the foundation for the engine that is going to power Dragon Age 3.”

A 2013 release date is a fair way off for a game already two years into development, meaning we should expect a meaty game to sink our teeth into. Hopefully it’ll veer closer to the tactical roots of the original game in the series, rather than the less satisfying, action-orientated rush job that was its sequel.

Also, that late 2013 release date means it’s not much of a stretch to imagine Dragon Age 3 hitting the PS4 and Xbox 720 as well as high-end PCs. With previous games in the series being all-format hits, and with BioWare now letting the dust settle for a while on the Mass Effect series following the trilogy’s conclusion, it’d be a recognisable title with which to test the next-gen waters with.

Gerald Lynch
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