Amazon unveils new Kindle Fire and Paperwhite Kindle in US TV ad spot

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Last night an Amazon ad aired in the US featuring a Kindle with a blacklight, which looks a lot like the new Paperwhite device that we’ve seen leaked images of over the past few weeks.

At the end of last month a picture of the Paperwhite made its way onto The Verge, looking very much like the button-free Kindle Touch, but boasting an edge-lit display while still retaining the easy-on-the-eye, paper-like E-Ink screen.

However, it won’t just be all about the new backlit device later today, the ad also features a tablet with a larger screen, which we imagine is the new version of the Kindle Fire.

We’ll find out for definite later today, but check out the advert above from The Verge for yourself.

[Via Shiny Shiny Via The Verge]
Becca Caddy
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