9.9 metre multi-touch wall is world's biggest

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Fancy a giant game of Angry Birds? That’s whats on offer from Engage Production’s giant multi-touch display, measuring a gigantic 9.9 meters by 2.1metres.

Made up of 24 individual 55-inch full HD MultiTaction displays, the wall supports an unlimited amount of simultaneous touch inputs, with each screen working seamlessly with the next as if it were one giant display.

As a stackable system, the sky’s the limit here too. In theory, you could combine hundreds of the displays in a touchscreen the size of a skyscraper.

“At MultiTouch, we constantly endeavour to make our devices the best they can possibly be,” explains Petri Martikainen, CEO of MultiTouch.

“I firmly believe that MultiTaction offers the ultimate in multi-touch technology and it is a privilege to see our products used on such a huge scale in what must be not only the world’s biggest but also the world’s most technologically advanced multi-touch wall.”

Check it in action in the video above.

Gerald Lynch
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