40% of smartphone users want iPhone 5, new research finds

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iPhone-5-next-to-iPhone-4-KitGuru1.jpgAs much as 40% of the smartphone buying public are twiddling their thumbs, waiting to get in line to buy Apple’s iPhone 5, a new poll has revealed.

Speaking to 2,000 smartphone-owning respondents aged 18 and over, two fifths of those questioned were preparing to purchase Apple’s latest mobile upgrade. 15% of those were more than willing to queue up outside an Apple Store to be among the first to grab the new iPhone, while a massive 26% aim to have bought the phone by the end of its first week on sale.

The poll also revealed the most sought after new features from the closely-guarded phone, with 69% of respondents hoping for longer battery life. A higher resolution camera and a larger screen were the next most-popular features.

“This really is the tech launch of the year and consumers are understandably excited about the latest version of the world’s favorite smartphone,” said Duncan Jennings, co-founder of VoucherCodes.co.uk who commissioned the poll carried out by One Poll.

“The launch of any Apple product is an interesting time for the rest of the market as the popularity of their products has a knock on effect on competitors pricing strategies.

“We expect to see Apple’s major competitors adjusting the price of their smartphone offerings after the iPhone 5 launch, making it a great time for consumers to pick up the latest hardware at a discounted price.”

The iPhone 5 is expected to be revealed at 6pm tomorrow evening, UK time. We’ll have all the news of Apple’s big launch as the announcements are made, so be sure to check back to Tech Digest for all the details.

Gerald Lynch
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