Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to have even bigger screen? Leak says 5.5-inches…

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samsung-galaxy-note-2-leaked-panel.jpgIt’s not the size of the ship, it’s the motion on the ocean, or something vaguely euphemistic. It’s obviously a sentiment that’s never been shared with Samsung, who look set to follow up their giant Galaxy Note smartphone with an even bigger successor.

The original device sported a 5.3-inch display, but a new snap of an alleged Galaxy Note 2 panel, acquired by NowhereElse, suggests a larger, 5.5-inch smartphone is in the works.

This rumour has been stoked further with the below image nabbed by Know Your Mobile, showing a similarly sized device:
know-your-mobile-gsn2-leak.jpegHowever, compare the two images closely, and there are a few differences beyond their black and white casing colours. Most importantly, the home buttons look a different shape, with the white casing having a sleeker, thinner button than the squat one from the NowhereElse leak. Likewise, the placement of the front facing camera and (what we are assuming are) light sensors on the NowhereElse leak are higher than that of the ones in the Know Your Mobile snap.

Though the two don’t corroborate entirely with each other, that’s no reason to rule out the 5.5-inch screen, which both seem to suggest is on the way. Perhaps one is a newer prototype than the other. Or maybe they’re both fakes. Regardless, those looking to compensate for devices that come in other, ahem, smaller packages, should still be expecting to find the Galaxy Note 2 to be a bit of a whopper.

Via: Know Your Mobile / NowhereElse

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