Online Apple Geniuses now available in the UK

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apple-online-store-genius-uk-us.jpgApple have launched a new service as part of its Onlne Store that lets you connect with their team of “Geniuses” over the web, getting buying advice and help with your new Apple products online.

Launching this morning in the UK, Spain, Germany and Brazil, Apple Geniuses can help you decide which iPhone, iPad or iPod is for you, and will guide you through the set-up process too, offering step-by-step help to setting up features like iCloud and email.

“Now there’s a whole new way to shop for an iPad or iPhone at the Apple Online Store,” says Apple.

“You can talk directly to a trained Specialist over the phone, start a live online chat and even watch your Specialist’s screen during a personalised guided tour.

“It’s easy and it’s free – only at the Apple Online Store.”

Another boost for Apple’s already well-regarded customer service, it’ll be handy for those rainy day tech dilemmas when a trip to Apple’s brick-and-mortar stores seems like a chore.

Gerald Lynch
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