IFA 2012: Unexpected HTC tablet emerges, looks like an iMac screen

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htc-10-inch-tablet-imac-design-top.jpgHTC haven’t had the best of luck with tablets so far, with their Flyer series not exactly setting the world on fire. But new images appearing online of a mysterious tablet with HTC branding suggests that the Taiwanese company are preparing to enter the tablet market once more.

The images, apparently lifted from a promotional video, show a tablet that looks somewhere between the design of HTC’s One series and an Apple iMac display.
htc-10-inch-tablet-imac-design-4.jpgNo details accompany the images, but the tablet looks set to run a version of the Android OS, with the device itself sporting a white bezel that grows wider on its lower edge, housing a camera. That wider bezel edge appears to act like a sort of handle, meaning you need not obscure what’s going on onscreen when using the device in portrait orientation.

A large device, at least 10-inches in size, there seems to be no mention of a stylus, meaning the new tablet could drop the pen input that set the Flyer apart from the pack at the time, though since aped by Samsung’s Note series.No official word from HTC yet, nor any idea as to the legitimacy of the images, but we’ll keep you posted on this new intriguing tablet.

Via: Pocket Now

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