Half Life 3 to be revealed on 15 August at Gamescom show?

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xl_Half-Life-3-gamescom.jpgHalf Life 3 could be getting revealed far sooner than anyone first imagined, following the release of a PDF detailing games set to be on show at this month’s Gamescom show.

Valve’s Half Life 2 is often hailed as one of the finest games of all time, but the development team have kept incredibly quiet on the future of the series. Could we be about to see a sequel revealed for the first time?

Adding to the speculation is news that leading games print publication Game Informer has announced that, for the first time in its history, it will be going to print a day later than usual to accommodate a massive announcement at the Cologne show. Could Valve be planning to open the show with Half Life 3 release date, news and trailers on 15 August, Gamescom’s opening day?

The news follows a recently leaked batch of concept art, allegedly detailing early plans for Half Life 2: Episode 3, much of which could make an appearance in any potential Half Life 3 title. You can view them in the gallery below.

Though the art is from an anonymous visitor from an unnamed source, there are plenty of details which suggest their legitimacy; the downed chopper from Episode 2, a Combine advisor and the chilly setting all make sense. ValveTime, who first published the images, also usually add a disclaimer if they’re unsure of the legitimacy of their sources, but did not do so this time.

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