Blinkbox bag HBO shows: Game of Thrones season 2, Boardwalk Empire, The Wire and more

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Game-of-Thrones-Cast-Wallpaper-1.jpegBlinkbox, the Tesco-owned movie and TV cloud streaming and digital download service, have signed a deal that will see them getting top HBO shows before they even hit DVD or Blu-ray.

Blinkbox have bagged the rights to distribute the US broadcasters Game of Thrones season 2, the DVD and Blu-ray release of which hasn’t even been revealed yet. With Season 1 only hitting physical formats back in March of this year, it’s likely that Blinkbox will be the only way to legally download the shows in the UK well into next year.

Blinkbox have also bagged the rights to a number of other leading HBO shows, including the first season of Game of Thrones, season one and two of Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, all of the excellent The Wire, Sex & The City, and all of the hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Individual episodes or whole seasons can be bought at a time and streamed through PC or Mac, select Samsung or LG-connected TVs, iPad, Xbox 360 or PS3. PC owners can download and keep shows too.

Prices vary, with a season of Game of Thrones set at £17.99, and individual episodes at £1.79 each. Blinkbox also offer a number of shows up for free too.

Gerald Lynch
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