Almost half of people surveyed would buy an Apple TV set

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apple-tv-2012.jpgA new report by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster suggests that 49% of tech consumers would like to buy the fabled Apple TV set. And of that percentage, 29% said they weren’t even looking for a new TV, but that the lure of an Apple set would be enough to get them handing over the cash.

It must be music to the ears of Apple, whose long-rumoured television is now expected to make an appearance in 2013.

“We believe this suggests that customers would be willing to interrupt an estimated seven-year TV product cycle to purchase an Apple Television,” Munster said in the report.

“This is of course not surprising given the following of Apple products and widespread adoption of the iPhone and iPad.”

Price may be an issues though. Apple products always carry a premium, and 12% of the positive respondees said they wouldn’t be able to afford the $1,500 expected price tag for the telly.

“The hurdle Apple is going to face with winning consumers to Apple Television is price,” Munster added.

“Over the past seven years, consumers have been conditioned to pay progressively less for TVs, with the average 32-inch TV price down 76 per cent since 2005.”

Via: Cnet

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