Alleged Xbox 720 Durango development kit sells on eBay for $20,100

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durango_2-ebay.jpgThe alleged Xbox 720 “Durango” development kit that leaked online a fortnight ago has now sold for a pretty penny on eBay, hitting an impressive $20,100 on the auction site.

The “Microsoft Xbox Durango Development Kit” listing attracted 43 bids, with the seller based in Wilmington, Delaware according to the eBay sales page.
Durango-720-1leak.jpgHowever, $20,100 hasn’t bought the lucky bidder a next-gen console. Instead, they’ve purchased a black tower PC, with Intel processor and “dedicated graphics.”

It’s likely that the machine bought is running a software dev-kit and an Xbox-simulator app. This could give an indication of what the Xbox 720 is capable of, but doesn’t necessarily even offer finalised hardware details. One for collectors, for sure, but it could prove just the about the most expensive PC the buyer has ever bought, and not much else.

Gerald Lynch
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