Slimmer Slim PlayStation 3 on the way?

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super-slim-playstation-3.jpgLooks like Sony have put their PS3 Slim on a diet, with a newly uncovered FCC listing in the US suggesting an even thinner PS3 is on the way.

Spotted over on Pocket News, there’s suggestion the new console could be revealed as early as this coming August at the German Gamescom conference.

With a new model number ( CECH-4001x, while the current line is the 3000 series) and a new position for the console’s label, it certainly seems as though Sony have managed to shave a further few millimetres off their machine.

One very interesting theory ties in with Sony’s recent buyout of cloud-gaming service Gaikai. Does the 4000 Series super-slim PS3 drop its disc drive in favour of streamed Gaikai games and downloadable titles? It’s unlikely, but not impossible…

Via: Pocket News

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