REVIEW: Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse

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Name: Logitech G600 MMO

Type: MMO-focussed gaming mouse

Specs: Click here for full specs

Price as reviewed: £69.99

Packing in 20 buttons, the Logitech G600 MMO is a whopper of an MMO gaming mouse. But does the ability to put all your hotbar and macro options a single button click away come with any caveats? Read on to find out.

review-line.JPGAvailable in black or white, the G600 MMO squeezes in an incredible 20 buttons, making it perfect for the hot-key reliant world of high-level massively multiplayer online gaming. 12 buttons sit on the left hand side of the mouse where a right-handed thumb would sit, three sit on the mousewheel (a central click and two left/right tilt clicks), a further two sit on top just below the mousewheel and to round things off you’ve the two regular left/right mouse buttons and a final far-right “shift” click button.

In conjunction with the “shift” button and top profile changing button, you’ve got dozens upon dozens of macro-configurable buttons at your disposal. Playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, we managed to control our full suite of hotbars and companion commands without ever going near the keyboard, a feat near-impossible with other gaming mice.

The layout of the thumb-side buttons was particularly excellent. With a rubberised feel, each button is isolated, textured and inset on an inward-curving recess, making it particularly easy to quickly find the button we needed in the heat of battle. While this placement suits a right-handed gamer well, left-handers will struggle. Those thumb buttons take a bit of force to push, which works well for right-handers, but pinky-wielding lefties will quickly find them uncomfortable.
As a mouse larger in size than average, this long-fingered reviewer found it particularly comfortable to play with, allowing plenty of space to place my fingers during a lengthy session, and avoiding the dreaded mouse “pinky ache”. Curved in all the right places, my fingers fell naturally into a comfortable grip with the G600, and I’d expect the same would be felt by those with smaller hands.

However, the extra size needed to accommodate all the buttons on display here comes at a price, and that price is maneuverability. The G600 MMO feels very heavy for a gaming mouse, and will feel especially so for anyone coming from a lightweight Razer Naga or customized Cyborg R.A.T model. As a result, quick precise adjustments in aiming can be difficult to pull off, meaning it’s not the ideal mouse for shooters. Lifting it so that the laser doesn’t make contact with the surface takes just a little more effort than you’d expect. Tailored for MMO play, it serves fans of that specific, slower-paced genre best, despite the top 8200 dpi settings.

The G600 MMO is an attractive mouse though. With a tangle-free braided cable and infinitely customizable LED lights in the thumb buttons (which can also be set to change along with the press of the shift button for a quick visual cue as to which button set you’ve activated) it’s flashy without being garish.



The Logitech G600 MMO is a little too big to work well as a general gaming mouse, lacking the precision needed to dominate a Counter Strike deathmatch. However, what it lacks in precision it more than makes up for with its plethora of customised buttons. In MMO titles, a little loss in precision is an easy trade off for the sake of full access to your suite of spells and sub-menus, and in this respect the G600 MMO really shines. Don’t head out into Azeroth without it.




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