Qualcomm shutting down promising Mirasol colour e-reader department

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Ah, Qualcomm’s magical Mirasol displays; we never really got a chance to become better acquainted? The e-reader displays which were capable of showing colour as well as greyscale in direct sunlight just like regular Kindle e-ink screens, will no longer be worked on by Qualcomm who have conceded that they’re just too difficult to effectively
(read – profitably) deliver inside e-readers and tablets.

A glimmer of hope remains of Mirasol however, with Qualcomm CEO Paul E. Jacobs stating that the company has plans to license the screen tech elsewhere.

A Mirasol-powered e-reader had been in the works, but was cancelled roughly a year ago.

We had high hopes for Mirasol e-readers, being able to display full colours without straining the eyes in the same way LCD panels do. Here’s hoping someone else licences the technology and has more luck popping them into a device than Qualcomm had.

Gerald Lynch
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