NXP Semiconductors to use hearing aid tech to boost mobile audio


nxp-semiconductors-micro-speakers.jpgNXP Semiconductors are preparing to introduce new speaker technology that could give mobile phones a significant volume and audio quality boost.

While current micro speakers can pump out an average of a measly 0.5 watts, the new NXP Semiconductor speakers jump up to 2.6 watts, achieved by using technology similar to that found in hearing aids.

Once implemented into a handset, it’ll offer a volume jump on average of 6DB extra, as well as significantly tidying up bass frequencies.

NXP Semiconductors says the first model using their new micro speaker tech is already set to go, with the “cinematic-quality” experience ready to land this year.

Not sure what to make of this one really. On the one hand, it’ll offer greater audio volume and quality when you’re watching a quick clip on the go. On the other, I’m not sure I could handle a whole bus full of teenagers having a mini Skrillex-inspired rave on the back seats with this tech in their phones…

Gerald Lynch
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