Large Hadron Collider proves existence of sub-atomic "God" particle

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large-hadron-collider.jpgThe Large Hadron Collider, the “Big Bang” particle accelerator that’s the most breathtaking piece of engineering the world of physics has ever seen (and likely the device that will open up a wormhole to another dimension here on Earth, leading to an alien invasion and, inevitably, the Apocalypse. Maybe.) has completed its most monumental finding to date. The £2.6 billion installation has proved the existence of the “God particle”, or “Higgs boson”, a sub-atomic finding that gives matter to mass, physically holding the universe together.

“They have discovered a particle consistent with the ‘Higgs boson’,” said Professor John Womersley. chief executive of the Science and technology Facilities Council

“Discovery is the important word. That is confirmed. It’s a momentous day for science.”

The discovery of the Higgs Boson ties up one of the remaining loose ends in the Standard Model, the theory describing all particles, interactions and forces at play in the universe. Without the discovery, modern theories in physics, including Einsteinian theory, would have had to have gone back to the drawing board.

Today’s news was broken at the Geneva headquarters of Cern, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.

The Large Hadron Collider is the the largest scientific instrument ever built. With a circumference of 17 miles, it lies deep underground across the French-Swiss border near Geneva.

Gerald Lynch
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