Kiko Music System boosts Linn network streaming range

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linn-reveals-kiko-music-system-1.jpgGot a lot of music stored on your computer, but no way of blasting them out of your office and around the rest of your house? Then take a look at the new Kiko Music System from Linn.

The Kiko Music System pairs with your computers network and then gives the ability to play any music you have stored on or are streaming from your computer to two-way Kiko speakers supplied with the system. Powered by a two amp module, they offer 33 Watts RMS per channel, with the whole system having a slick, curved 2001: A Space Odyssey kind of vibe.

Seven ports let you physically hook up multiple other devices, including an Ethernet port and three HDMI ports. There’s also a selection of smartphone apps available that let a user control their Kiko Music System remotely.

Six different colours (white, light blue, silver, black, champagne and dark blue) are available, but the new Linn gear doesn’t come cheaply. Expect to pay £2,500 for the Kiko.

Gerald Lynch
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