iPhone 5 to have thinnest ever screen in an Apple device, thanks to Sharp's panels


iPhone 4S hands-on 18.jpgApple’s iPhone 5, the next rumoured model in their mega popular smartphone line, looks set to be the thinnest yet according to rumours. And from the sounds of the latest rumour-mill whisperings, that’s down to the Sharp LCD panels being used.

Sharp’s latest panels, rumoured to be included in the 6th generation device, integrate the touch sensors directly into the screen, meaning no extra glass layer needs to placed on top and shaving off valuable millimetres from the overall thickness of the handset.

It also means that there’s extra room for internal components, without compromising the size of the display, itself expected to be larger than on previous models. Fingers crossed, Apple will see fit to pop in a larger capacity battery than their earlier offerings so that we’ll get a little more than a day’s worth of power out of the phones.

It looks like Apple are employing similar techniques to those first seen in their Retina Display MacBooks. They employ a new manufacturing technique that sees the Retina Dispay built within the case, rather than being an extra layer on top of the inside of it, keeping it super-slim.

Via: WSJ

Gerald Lynch
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