First ever Instagram picture revealed. It's a cute doggie!

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instagram-first-photo-top.jpgThough Instagram launched for the public in October 2010, today marks two years since the first ever Instagram picture was taken. And for the first time ever it’s been revealed to have been of…a cute little puppy!

And a not so cute sandalled foot. Ew…

From such humble beginnings, Instagram has grown to be a major force in both the photography and social networking circles, growing in those two short years to accommodate 50 million global users and capturing over a billion photos.

Available now as both an Android and iOS app, Instagram (which allows you to add retro filters to your snaps and push them to various social networks) is now on the verge of being acquired by the gigantic Facebook, for an equally-gigantic $1billion sum.

That dog’s probably got a solid gold collar by now.

Gerald Lynch
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