Spotify add individual artist apps: Rancid, Quincy Jones, Disturbed, Tiesto

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tiesto-screenshot-1.pngSpotify have begun introducing apps focussed on individua artists to their desktop application, with Rancid, Quincy Jones, Disturbed and Tiesto the first artists to be featured.

While all feature info and playlists from the musicians, all are slightly different. Quincy Jones’s sees the much-loved producer discuss his work and how its been used by Hollywood over the years, while the Disturbed app acts as a history of metal music, for instance.

“The Spotify Artist App is a wonderful opportunity to share some of the behind the scenes stories of a few of the memorable recordings that I have been fortunate enough to make,” said the legendary Jones.

“I think this App will give entertaining insight and value for these recordings to both music fans and aficionados.”

Rancid’s Tim Armstrong was equally enthused:

“I always want to share music with my friends and tell people about artists…both new and old. Nothing is more gratifying to me than turning people on to music and making it a part of their lives and then, them in turn, turning it onto other people. There is nothing like having music in common. We are truly looking forward to this whole thing.”

All the apps will be updated regularly, with more promised to be on the way.

Do you have a favourite band or artist you’d like to see have their own Spoitify app? What should the apps offer? Let us know in the comments below!

Gerald Lynch
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