MacBook Pro 2012 leaked internals suggest it's staying full-fat

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macbook-pro-2012-internals.jpgOf all the rumours surrounding Apple’s hotly-anticipated refresh of the MacBook Pro line for 2012, the most sought-after change surely is the laptop’ external design. It’s been a few years since Apple did anything significant with the look of the MacBook line, and a series of insider tips and expert predictions have all pointed towards this year’s models going super-slim, á la the MacBook Pro.

All bets are off however, following this latest leaked image spotted over at WeiPhone, reportedly claimed to be the internals of this year’s MacBook Pro models.

The posting on the Chinese Forum (which regularly delivers accurate leaks, direct from production lines) shows different components to the current MacBook Pros on offer, on a similarly shaped motherboard. However, the screw holes for joining up any external casing are placed in exactly the same spots as with the current models, suggesting that any expected slimline overhaul may not now appear as hoped.

Along with the image, the forum poster also dropped a few other specs headed to the 15-inch MacBook Pro. As expected, Ivy Bridge processors will be onboard, with 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz or 2.7GHz configurations available, alongside Nvidia’s GeForce GT 650M graphics card with 1GB GDDR5 graphics memory.

There was no word however of solid state drives, Retina Displays, or indeed, a svelte enclosure.

That’s not to say they’re not coming though! As we’ve previously reported, it could be simply that the MacBook Air line is getting a boost to Pro-like levels of power, or simply that the posting is inaccurate.

Or, it could be that Apple have yet again passed on giving the MacBook line a significant refresh. In which case, there won’t be a dry eye in the house at this week’s WWDC event, where Apple are expected to reveal their latest and (hopefully) greatest laptop offerings.

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