Facebook launch "Find Friends Nearby" feature

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facebook-logo-thumb.jpegFacebook has just launched a new feature called ‘Find Friends Nearby’, which allows you to search for fellow Facebook users nearby in the real world and send them a friend request.

According to Venture Beat, new feature, which you can be found inside the iOS and Android apps by clicking Apps > Find Friends > Find Friends Nearby or by visiting www.fb.com/ffn from your mobile browser, with location settings on your device switched on.

It certainly has potential usefulness. Imagine being at a loud gig, having made a new friend whilst being crushed down the front. You want to add them as a Facebook pal, but can’t make out the spelling of their name over the speakers. Find Friends Nearby would let you pinpoint a handful of nearby users, letting you browse to the person you need. The same goes for a business scenario, where you may want to hook up with many people at the same conference as you, for instance.

Of course there are also privacy concerns, as there is no telling who else you are making yourself visible to by turning on the feature. As it’s an opt in feature, personal discretion will undoubtedly be advised.

As ever with new Facebook features, Find Friends Nearby will gradually roll out to all users over the coming days and weeks.

Gerald Lynch
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