AirTime promises it won't be as sleazy as Chatroulette

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We first heard about Chat Roulette inspired venture Airtime late last year and now Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker’s new baby is out in the wild the big question we’re all asking is, will we be able to use the service without seeing a whole load of penis?

Airtime launched yesterday and it promises to be a little like Chat Roulette, but with more meaningful connections and less sleaze. However, many are questioning how the new service will stop dirtbags from stripping off and flashing us their bits. Luckily VentureBeat had a chat with the guys at Airtime and this is how they’re hoping to address the problem:

“Airtime told VentureBeat that it uses a combination of automated facial recognition technology and user and moderator review. While it didn’t get into specifics, everything points to Airtime’s in-house technology detecting if a face is on-screen and if it does not see a face, a warning light goes up. There are also moderators from Airtime who are constantly looking for inappropriate content and users can flag people too. Airtime is also more than willing to terminate your account and report illegal behavior to the authorities.”

Although we’re guessing that you could still flash a bit of flesh if you REALLY wanted to and didn’t mind being kicked off for it, it seems a lot of thought has been put into how to make the service credible and not just another Chat Roulette.

Airtime is also linked to your Facebook account too, so we’d like to think most sane people wouldn’t want their name associated with a lot of online flashing. However, in the same way some users are still super abusive and troll-like on sites that use Facebook’s commenting system, we imagine some crazies are still likely to slip through the net.

Let us know if you’ve tried Airtime yet and if you happened to see a little more than what you bargained for…

[Via Shiny Shiny Via Venture Beat]
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