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Pro-10 laboratories2.jpgWe all know that if you want to get fit you need to eat well and exercise. We also know that you won’t see results overnight and no product on earth can turn you into Vin Diesel. What many of us don’t know is the science behind building muscle and how you can help your body along.

Quick breakdown of the facts:
• Muscle building is a natural process and is your body’s reaction to damage from strenuous activity
• The body will overcompensate to reduce the risk of this damage happening again by building more muscle than needed
• By gradually increasing the workload for your muscles through increased repetitions, heavier weights or frequency of exercise you can build your muscles up
• Your body uses amino acids to build muscles
• Amino acids are the structural units that make up protein
• To give your body the amino acids it needs to build muscle you need to increase the amount of protein you take on board
• The process of building muscle slows if you do not have sufficient protein

The level of protein you require can be obtained through changing your diet to focus around eating turkey, chicken and fish. These have to be eaten in larger quantities and regularly.

If you are like 90% of the population and not quite ready to relinquish potatoes, pasta and rice in favour of high protein foods, then you can supplement your intake with protein shakes.

Protein shakes are often based around whey protein and this is because it contains high levels of all the essential fatty acids (amino acids) that your body cannot synthesise and must be added through diet.

You will need to have 2 – 4 protein shakes per day depending on the level of exercise you are doing.

Pro-10 laboratories (smaller).jpgYou will consume a 1kg bag of whey protein powder in 20 days if you have 2 a day, or 10 days if you have 4 per day. If we take a figure in the middle – 15 days, you will be using 2kgs per month.

This can begin to be expensive, but you don’t want your hard work going to waste.
Pro-10 offers high quality whey protein, but they have reduced the price to only £12.99 per 1kg. Gram for gram that is the same price as organic chicken breast. Each week special offers enable you to try new supplements or bundle packs, and they are launching over 40 new products over the next 6 months.

There is no witchcraft involved with protein shakes and if you want to see the best results from all your hard work then take advantage of our 10% discount to give it a try. Visit and enter TECH10 at the checkout to receive your discount. Valid until the 17th August 2012.

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    Nice tutor. Your way of presentation is really too good. You
    have explained each & everything so nicely. I would like to read your more updates.
    Keep them coming.


    Nice tutor. Your way of presentation is really too good. Youhave explained each & everything so nicely. I would like to read your more updates.Keep them coming.

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