Acer launches 11.6-inch TravelMate B113: Sandy Bridge, 4GB RAM

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acer-travelmate.jpgHmm, last-gen tech at next-gen prices? That seems the order of the day with Acer’s new 11.6 inch TravelMate B113 notebook.

With the base model housing a 1.4Ghz Celeron and the top tier a a 1.5GHz Core Sandy Bridge i3, you can’t help but feel Acer’s holding back a little here. Where’s the Ivy Bridge lovin’ Acer?

Even the design seems a little half hearted, with a simple black chassis seeing the weight of the machine coming in at 1.88kg. That’s not exactly rucksack-friendly for an 11.6 inch machine.

In its defence, it does sport a matte screen, something we feel should come as standard on laptops these days, despite the slight drop in contrast they result in.

Prices start at €450 and rise to €560 for the 1.5GHz Core i3. It’s going to be a hard sell, what with the slew of cheap, slim, Ivy Bridge ultrabooks sitting just over the horizon.

Gerald Lynch
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