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The days of estimated bills and letting a man into your house to read the meter are nearing an end. British Gas is starting to roll out Smart Meters which will revolutionise the way we consume energy – and save us money to boot!

Whereas traditionally meters sit in remote places such as under your stairs or in the garage and are only disturbed when the meter reader comes along to take a reading, smart meters aren't even disturbed by the meter reader. Instead, these clever smart meters – which can  be located in remote locations like their less smart cousins – communicate wirelessly to an in home display unit, known as a smart energy monitor (see picture).

In turn, the Smart Energy Monitor gives you an instant view of your energy consumption for both gas and electricity.  This includes near real-time on energy usage, cost and greenhouse gas generation. You can keep an eye on your energy usage in kwH, CO2 and pounds and pence as well as access historical usage to see how your consumption is changing over time.

Unlike traditional meters, with smart readers you can also control your energy usage via a smart phone app or online via a PC. Smart meter readings are sent back to British Gas once a day which means an end to having to submit your own meter readings and also an end to estimated bills.

home display meter 2.pngAlready there are 160,000 British Gas homes in the UK with a Smart Meter with the company committed to providing Smart Meters in all homes by 2019. Watch the YouTube video below for more information.

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British Gas Smart Meter

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