BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha phone reveals further BB10 devices

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blackberry10devalpha.jpgAfter a run of bad luck for the BlackBerry brand, things look to be brightening up for RIM. A positive response to the BlackBerry World 2012 showcase showed promise of a better year ahead, while the release of an Alpha phone to developers has uncovered more BlackBerry 10 handsets to come.

Developers trawling through the file systems on the Alpha BB10 phone found a directory listed under file:///radio/etc/sv.numbers. Here, 7 further BB10 devices were listed: Nevada, Winchester2, Colt, London, Blackforest, Nashville, Naples.

While some of these devices remain cryptic, others have already been hinted at previously. The London was first mentioned back in the winter of 2011, while the Colt reared its head initially back in August.

The Blackforest on the otherhand is expected to be a larger 10 inch PlayBook variant tablet, while the Winchester2 is thought to be a 4G-packing second generation PlayBook.

Via: N4BB

Gerald Lynch
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