Siri headed to 2012 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac?

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ControlMacBookPro2012iMac-2-patent.jpgAs the inevitable launch of Apple’s 2012 computer range draws closer, rumours are now circulating that the latest MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and all-in-one iMac models will feature Siri voice control.

First appearing in Apple’s iPhone 4S, Siri allows a user to access key features of the phone just through voice alone, setting reminders, searching the web and contacting services (in the US at least) just by speaking into the microphone. Information is then presented by a robot voice/text combo that we affectionately want to call the “phone butler”.

Now, a new Apple patent suggests advancements in the technology that may not only make it into the iPhone 5, but also MacBooks and iMacs too.

Pictured above, the new patent would add desktop controls for Siri into Mac OS X.

While some see Siri as a novelty, putting it into a desktop scenario as an optional extra could be very useful. Imagine not having to remember the masses of keyboard short cuts for Final Cut Pro or the Adobe creative packages? Even jumping from app to app, or dictating the odd tweet, could speed things up dramatically.

As ever, we’ll pass on more news as we get it.

Gerald Lynch
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